About the Webelos Program

A child who is in the fourth or fifth grade is a Webelos Scout, and their adventures are found in the Webelos Handbook.

If a child is a new Cub Scout they first earn the Bobcat badge. After completing the requirements for Bobcat they go on to complete the requirements for the Webelos rank and then onto the Arrow of Light and the many electives that are offered. If a child joins in the fourth grade they earn the Webelos rank and then the Arrow of Light. If a child joins in the fifth grade they may start working on the Arrow of Light without earning the Webelos rank first.

The Webelos program is designed to prepare Cub Scouts to join a Scouts BSA Troop in February of their fifth grade year. This gives time for new Scouts to get familiar with the Troop and time to prepare for summer camp.


First year Webelos will continue to use the navy blue uniform.

Arrow of Light uniform has the following parts;

  1. Shirtβ€”The official tan uniform shirt is available with long or short sleeves and has button-flap pockets.

  2. Pantsβ€” The official green shorts, long pants, skorts, and roll up pants.

  3. Beltβ€”Official navy-blue web belt with metal buckle or the green web belt with BSA buckle is acceptable for the program year.

  4. Socksβ€”Official green socks are available in three lengths: ankle, crew, and knee.

  5. Hatβ€”Official green hat with Webelos plaid front and Webelos emblem.

  6. Neckerchiefβ€”Webelos plaid triangular neckerchief with Webelos logo. Official BSA neckerchiefs are the only neckerchiefs that are part of the uniform.

  7. Neckerchief slideβ€”Official gold-tone metal slide with Webelos emblem. Cub Scouts may wear handmade neckerchief slides.

  8. Webelos Colors.- The Webelos Colors is an optional uniform piece that is worn on the right sleeve to display the Webelos Adventure Pins that have been earned. If the Webelos Colors are not used, Webelos Adventure Pins may be worn on the Webelos hat.

NOTE: The Webelos uniform is going through a rolling change where fourth grade Webelos wear the blue uniform and fifth graders wear the tan uniform. This change will become official for the start of the 2021-22 program year.

The Webelos belt is going through a rolling change from navy-blue web belt with Webelos buckle to green web belt with BSA buckle Either is acceptable.

Webelos Requirements

Fourth graders work toward the Webelos rank. The Webelos rank is earned by completing six adventures as described below. Scouts who are in Cub Scouts in fourth grade must complete the Webelos rank before working towards their Arrow of Light.

  1. Be an active member of your Webelos den for three months.

  2. Complete each of the five required adventures:

    • Cast Iron Chef

    • Duty to God and You

    • First Responder

    • Stronger, Faster, Higher

    • Webelos Walkabout

  3. In addition to the five required adventures, complete at least one elective adventure of your den’s or family’s choosing.

  4. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, complete the exercises in the pamphlet entitled How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.

  5. Earn the Cyber Chip award for your age. (The Cyber Chip portion of this requirement may be waived by your parent or guardian if you do not have access to the internet.)

Once a Webelos has completed all required adventures, a crossing over ceremony will be held at the end of the year where they will pass over to the next rank, Arrow of Light.

Source: www.scouting.org