Girls in Scouts

Background Information

The Cub Scouts are part of the Boy Scouts of America and have a long tradition of providing lots of fun activities for young boys. In October 2017, the Boy Scouts of America’s Board of Director’s announced they would be expanding their traditionally all-boy Cub Scouts to include girls. Although girls will now be active Cub Scouts, Dens will remain single-gender and girls will participate in all requirements listed for each rank. Further, in February 2019, the Boy Scouts program will begin to serve will serve girls within Boy Scout Troops, enabling girls to now earn the coveted Eagle Scout rank.

What does this mean for your daughter?

This means she will be joining the Cub Scouts and participating in the same activities and requirements as the boys to cross over to the next rank. She will also participate in activities such as the Pinewood Derby, campouts, the Raingutter Regatta, and various community service projects throughout the year.

If you would like to learn more or have more questions regarding the program, feel free to read the BSA Family Scouting Questions and Answers.

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