How Much Does Scouting Cost?

BSA and Council Fees

Our Pack runs a year long Scouting program.Β  Most of the "work" is put in during the school year where the Scouts work on their advancements and participate in at least five outdoor events, including overnight campouts.Β  Parents pay registration fees that are sent to BSA National to register your Scout yearly and to our local Council, which provides insurance for your Scout.Β  The yearly registration Fees are as follows:

Pack Dues

Aside from the registration fees (that do not stay within the Pack), the Pack also charges dues to help provide a fun and exciting Scouting year.Β  Our Pack fees help cover background checks, awards, advancements, and the Pack Advancement Ceremony ("graduation" to the next rank).Β  To learn more about some of the special events, click here.Β  Our Pack offers payment plans for families that can't pay the Pack fees up front.Β  Fundraisers, such as the annual popcorn sales and beef jerky, help to offset a family's costs associated with Scouting.Β  Contact us to find out more about our Pack fees.


Uniforms are a separate cost to parents that can range from $35 to $150, depending on rank.Β Β 


Another cost to families that is not covered by the Pack dues are the camping events.Β  These events occur at least four times a year and range between $10 to $25 per person.Β  The camping costs help cover activities during the outing, food, and fees charged by the park.