Scouting for Special Needs Youth

Are you worried that your little one will not be able to handle Cub Scouts due to their special needs? Fear not! Cub Scouts is for everyone! Our Pack has Scouts and Leaders with a wide array of special needs ranging from, autism, ADHD, and hearing impaired, to name a few. Much like IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) at school, our Pack, in coordination with Scouts BSA, have adopted individualized plans for advancements for Scouts needing extra help earning their achievements. Special arrangements can be made for your child to enter a more appropriate rank that best fits their developmental needs.

Please reach out to us to find out more about how we can help your special needs child excel in our Pack and get the most out of their Scouting experience!

What Can Our Scouting Program Do For Your Child?

Research has found that Scouting helps increase hopefulness, helpfulness, obedience, cheerfulness, kindness, and trustworthiness when compared to youth without Scouting experience. Aside from these valuable traits, Scouting helps your child develop and reinforce of the following skills, which at times, may be difficult for children with special needs:

  • Social Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Confidence

  • Outdoor Skills

  • Independence

  • Responsibility

  • Character Development

  • Communication Skills


We will continue to grow our resources list as our Special Needs family continues to grow.

Stay tuned!

Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Solutions, Inc.

Specialize in providing Applied Behavior Analysis services (ABA Therapy), a highly effective science-based treatment for behavior challenges.

ph: (786) 351-3848

fax: (786) 751-6995



Instagram: @behaviorsolutionsmiami

Autism Resources

UM-NSU CARD (University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Centers for Autism and Related Disorders)

Provides support and assistance with the goal of optimizing the potential of people with autism and related disabilities.

Downs Syndrome Resources

Down Syndrome Association of Miami

Educates the Miami-Dade community about Down syndrome and promotes positive acceptance of individuals living with Down syndrome.

Educational Resources

The IEP Advocate

Help parents get a new Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan for your child, or review an existing one to make sure they are getting the best support possible.

ph: (407) 342-9836


Facebook: @TheIEPAdvocate



Martial Arts Resources

Kia Kidz Martial Arts Center

Ju-Jitsu dojo that specializes in helping children with a variety of special needs learn martial arts. Children without special needs also welcome! Staff is patient and very well trained.

14417 South Dixie Highway

Palmetto Bay, FL 33176

ph: (305) 794-8529